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Why M Capitol?

M Capitol has the experience and knowledge to assist our brokers to expand and develop their business to the next level.

M Capitol provide the following benefits to brokers:

  • Broker training to provide a hassle-free process in guiding your clients through every step of our home loan procedure.
  • Online portal facility to maintain high quality and efficient process for our client's loan application. The online portal allows brokers to keep track of their client's application and allows interaction between the mortgage broker and mortgage manager when acquiring information during preliminary assessment.

Our MFAA accredited mentoring program is designed to provide professional development to students who are interest in furthering their careers in the banking and finance industry. With almost 20 years of experience in the banking industry, our mentor provides expert vocational training. The training will involve all the skill and training required for further career development in order for brokers to reach out their potentials and achieve their career goals.

Let us help you achieve your goals