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  • Financial Solutions.
    M capitol Provides financial solutions for residents, expatriate and
    non-residents with a wide range of products and packages that suit your needs.
  • Care & Commitment.
    M Capitol's long-term service guide our clients through every step in their home loan procedure,
    providing comfort to customers who are not familiar with the property and lending process.
  • Precision.
    We have a team of dedicated experienced banking and finance experts
    who has the capability to give in-depth advice on financial solutions.

Tailored Solutions - For You


Tailored Financial Solution

We offer solutions for different client with different financial circumstances to cater to their financial needs.

Strong network relationships

We have a team of brokers who support us because we provide the best facilities for our brokers and their clients.

Customer Service

We are here to give our customers a royal experience in guiding them through every steps in their home loan procedure.


We provide innovative facilities in educating our clients to maximise their investment return and wealth creation.


We cherish diversity with our service, we have a multicultural team who can assist our clients and brokers without language barriers.

Experienced Team

We have combined Finance and Banking experience of more than 50 years, making us the ideal choice to guiding our clients through financial freedom.

Our Process

  • Document and Information Collection
  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Credit Assessment
  • Loan Approval
  • Settlement
At the first stage, we will acquire some of you to complete an application form and provide us with some supporting documents for your application. From the information you provided, our team will gain understanding what are you looking for with loan application and guide you through each step in the loan process.
Preliminary assessment is a very detailed process where we identify any possible problems from a lending point of view. We will calculate your borrowing capacity after we have receive your application and supporting documents, then we will determine the right product for you.
Credit assessment is the process of assessing your application from the lending point of view.
At this stage, you will receive either your conditional approval or formal approval confirming your approval. You will receive your mortgage document for you to sign to accept the loan. Once the mortgage document is signed, return it to us with any requirement they need to settle the loan.
Once we have received your mortgage document, we will call your solicitor/conveyor and let them know that the funds are available. Your solicitor/conveyor will arrange a time and date with us for settlement.

We strive to present financial solutions that will ensure the financial wellbeing of our customers and community

Our Values

Quality - we are committed to holistic strategies delivering high quality of customer service and innovative financial solutions. We are here to give our customers a royal experience while efficiently processing their applications.

Caring - we are committed to serving with empathy and compassion.

Integrity - we are committed to act in an ethical, honest manner.

People - we believe our people are our major assets. We attract, develop and retain our people with our best resources. All people should be treated with consideration and dignity. We cherish diversity.




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